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Restomyl® Dentalbones

Helps control plaque and tartar buildup. Better breath.

Restomyl® Dentalbones

Restomyl® Dentalbones has been developed for the daily dental hygiene: it prevents plaque growth and adhesion to the tooth, while slowing down tartar buildup. It improves the breath and keeps the mouth healthy and clean.

Restomyl® Dentalbones isn’t a veterinary drug. It’s a complementary feed for dogs and cats.

  • Species: Dog

  • Packaging and Prices

    Restomyl® Dentalbones Regular 482 g 20.90 € Acquista
    Restomyl® Dentalbones Mini 340 g 20.90 €
  • Use

    Administer Restomyl® Dental Bones at the daily quantity shown in the table, starting from the permanent teeth eruption. Restomyl® Dental Bones can be given alternating with Restomyl® Supplement or Restomyl® Dentalcroc as oral heath treats. Always leave fresh drinking water for your dog.

    Body weight (kg) Mini Regular
    <4,5 ½ bone
    4,5-9 1 bone
    9-14 ½ bone
    >14 1 bone


  • Properties

    If you want to keep your dog’s teeth clean, Restomyl® Dentalbones can be of help. The shape of these special bony treats allows for the effective removal of plaque and tartar (mechanical action). Moreover, unlike other remedies for plaque and tartar control, Restomyl® Dentalbones also acts systemically. It contains A.N. ProDen® (i.e., a particular brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum), with scientifically proven benefits for dog’s oral health*. A.N. ProDen® is absorbed after oral administration and reaches the salivary glands through the bloodstream After being concentrated in the saliva, it prevents the growth of plaque bacteria on the tooth surface and tartar buildup. The result is cleaner teeth, better breath and overall oral health! Restomyl® Dentalbones does not contain any ingredient that masks the bad breath.

    No ingredient of animal origin – 100% veggie!


    Seaweed, including A.N ProDen®, is high in organic iodine, therefore not recommended in hyperthyroid animals.


    * Gawor J et al. Effects of Edible Treats Containing Ascophyllum nodosum on the Oral Health of Dogs: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Single-Center Study. Front Vet Sci. 2018; 5:168

    Functional principle
    Ascophyllum nodosum
  • Ingredients

    COMPOSITION Products from the potato processing industry, glycerine, seawead meal (Ascophyllum Nodosum) 3 %, carrots, alfalfa protein concentrate, linseed, products and by-products from processing fresh fruits and vegetables (pumpkin), vegetable oil (sunflower), lecithins. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude protein 6%; crude fat 1%; crude fibre 2.5%; crude ash 5%; moisture 15%.

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