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Normalia® Extra

For the long-term intestinal normal function

Normalia® Extra

Normalia® Extra promotes the normal long-term intestinal function and preserves the healthy balance of local microflora.

Normalia® Extra isn’t a veterinary drug. It’s a complementary feed for dogs.

  • Species: Dog

  • Packaging and Prices

    Normalia® Extra 30 sticks 28.90 € Acquista
    Normalia® Extra 30 tabs 41.90 € Acquista
    Normalia® Extra 200 tabs 255.50 €
  • Use

    To be administered for at least 30 days at the quantity shown in the table.
    NORMALIA® STICK: The content of the stick can be administered directly into the animal’s mouth or mixed with the food ration.
    NORMALIA® COMPRESSE: The chewable tablet may be given directly into the mouth or crumbled and mixed in the food, making sure the dog consumes the complete dose.

    Body weight (Kg) stick/day tab/day
    0-10 1
    11-15 2
    16-20 1
    21-25 1 + ¼
    26-30 1 + ½
    31-35 1 + ¾
    >35 2
  • Properties

    PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) is a naturally-occurring substance found in many animal and vegetable food sources (e.g., soybean). In animals, it helps to maintain the physiological balance of several organs and body tissues (e.g., the gut). The ultra-micronised form (PEA-um) shows a higher absorption rate than other formulations. Bovine colostrum is a natural prebiotic and maintains the healthy balance of intestinal microflora (microbiota). Bacillus velezensis is a Gram+ spore-forming microorganism with probiotic effects. It regulates gut microflora and improves stool consistency. The electrolytic complex (sodium, potassium and magnesium salts) helps to maintain the appropriate water-salt balance and proper hydration.

    Functional principle Stick Tablet
    PEA-um* 100 mg/stick 200 mg/tab
    Bovine colostrum 200 mg/stick 400 mg/tab
    Bacillus velezensis 1,5 mld UFC**/stick 3 mld UFC**/tab
    Complesso elettrolitico 48 mg/stick 96 mg/tab

    * PEA-um = ultra-micronised palmitoylethanolamide

    ** CFU = Colony Forming Units

  • Ingredients

    NORMALIA® STICK: COMPOSITION Maltodextrin, colostrum powder (14.2%), palmitoylethanolamide (7.1%), sodium chloride, sodium pyrophosphate, inactivated yeasts, potassium sulphate, magnesium chloride, lupin protein meal, vegetable oil (sunflower seed). ADDITIVES Zootechnical additives: 4b1820 (107143 mg/kg). ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude protein (13%); crude fibre (26%); crude fat (9%); crude ash (12%); sodium (1%); potassium (0.4%); magnesium (0.03%).

    NORMALIA® COMPRESSE: COMPOSITION Colostrum powder (26.6%), palmitoylethanolamide (13.3%), maltodextrin, sodium chloride, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids esterified with organic acids (behenic acid), potassium sulphate, sodium pyrophosphate, inactivated yeasts, lupin protein meal, vegetable oil (sunflower seed), magnesium salts of organic acids (stearic acid), magnesium chloride. ADDITIVES Zootechnical additives: 4b1820 (200000 mg/kg). ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude protein (17.5%); crude fibre (10%); crude fats (4.1%); crude ash (14%); sodium (1.9%); potassium (0.7%); magnesium (0.09%).

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