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For the well-being of the lower urinary tract of dogs and cats


Urys® can be usefully used to maintain healthy lower urinary tract in cats and dogs of any age.

Urys® isn’t a veterinary drug. It’s a complementary feed for dogs and cats.

  • Species: Dog • Cat

  • Packaging and Prices

    Urys® Liquid 60 ml 29.50 € Acquista
    Urys® Caps 30 caps 24.70 € Acquista
  • Use

    URYS® LIQUID: Shake well before inserting the tip of the syringe into the hole of the adapter, turn the bottle upside down and withdraw the appropriate daily amount, as indicated in the table. The content of the syringe may be either placed directly into your pet’s mouth or mixed with food.

    Weight (kg) ml / day
    0-5 1
    6-7 1.5
    8-10 2
    11-12 2.5
    13-15 3

    URYS® CAPS: Use the scissors to cut the capsule and squeeze the contents into the animal’s mouth.
    Alternatively, the skittle capsules can be swallowed whole.

    weight (kg) caps / day
    7-11 1
    12-20 2
    21-30 3
    >30 4
  • Properties

    Palmitoyl-glucosamine (PGA) is a naturally occurring compound. In the highly absorbable form (i.e. micronised) PGA-m helps to maintain bladder mucosal integrity and is a source of glucosamine, a natural constituent of the protective urothelium layer.

    Functional principle Liquid Caps
    PGA-m* 90 mg/ml 180 mg/caps
    Hesperidin 30 mg/ml 60 mg/caps

    * PGA-m = micronised palmitoyl-glucosamine

  • Ingredients

    URYS® LIQUID: COMPOSITION Dextrin, palmitoyl-glucosamine (8%), sodium pyrophosphate, yeasts, lupine meal, sodium chloride, sunflower oil. ADDITIVES Technological additives: potassium sorbate (885 mg/kg). Sensory additives: citrus aurantium extract (26549 mg/kg), benzoic acid (664 mg/kg). ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude protein 2.5%; crude fibre 20.3%; crude fat 5.1%; crude ash 2.7%; moisture 62.3%; hesperidin from citrus aurantium (2.6%).  

    URYS® CAPS: COMPOSITION Vegetable oil (soya), bovine gelatine, glycerine, palmitoyl-glucosamine (18.4%), sodium pyrophosphate, yeasts, lupine meal, sodium chloride, sunflower oil. ADDITIVES Sensory additives: Citrus aurantium extract (61075 mg/kg). ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Crude protein 27%; crude fibre <2%; crude fat 44%; crude ash 3%; hesperidin from Citrus aurantium (6.1%).  

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