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Repy® Dress

Interactive wound dressing

Repy® Dress

Sterile dressing designed for the treatment of skin wounds of surgical or traumatic origin (e.g., burns and avulsions) and self-induced wounds (e.g., caused by scratching).

Repy® Dress isn’t a veterinary drug. It’s a dermatological product for dogs and cats.


  • Species: Dog • Cat

  • Packaging and Prices

    Repy® Dress 10x10 cm. 25 units 315.00 € Acquista
    Repy® Dress 10x10 cm. 5 units 66.50 € Acquista
  • Use

    Remove the dressing from the sachet and peel off the transparent film. Apply to the pre-cleansed wound so that the gel comes into direct contact with the skin. Secure with sticking plaster or elastic bandage. Check the wound daily by lifting a corner of the dressing so that the area to be inspected is totally visible. Change the dressing when saturated with exudate (once a day for highly exudative wounds; every 3-7 days for dry wounds).

  • Properties

    Glycerin hydrogel (hydroglycerogel) in solid form with a high absorption power (up to 100 g of exudate in 24 hours) and a soothing effect, which mechanically protects the and creates an ideal microenvironment for the re-epithelialisation.

    Functional principle
    Polymeric gel
    Glycerin (65%)
    Thickness 3.2 mm

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